As Trump Tries to Greenwash his Environmental Record in Florida, EDF Action Releases Fact Check Report

September 8, 2020
Hannah Blatt,, 202-572-3534

(Tampa, FL – September 8, 2020) Today, Donald Trump is in Florida in an attempt to cover-up his disastrous environmental record. EDF Action put together this guide for fact-checking President Trump’s statements about the environment and his administration’s real record putting polluters first. It includes some of his most common false claims with correct information and sources. Click here to view the report.

EDF Action President Joe Bonfiglio released the following statement:

“Donald Trump knows that his record on our air, water and health won’t sit well with Florida voters. That’s why he’s in Florida attempting to sweep his disastrous anti-environmental record under the rug.

“In this must win battleground state, it’s extremely unpopular to be anti-science and deny climate change, but that’s exactly what Trump has been pushing the past four years. The truth is Floridians need a president who will take bold action to combat climate change, not one that tries to hide his polluter first agenda.”

EDF Action Votes launched a $1.7 million ad campaign in Tampa earlier this summer to remind voters of Trump’s climate denial, and recent polling shows that Trump is losing ground in the state.

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