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Tell Congress: Support a 100% Clean Future

The science has never been clearer: if we want a chance to avoid the worst effects of the climate crisis, it is critical that we stop emitting more climate pollution than we can remove from the atmosphere.

Tell your representative to prevent climate chaos by cosponsoring the bill that moves us towards the 100% clean economy we deserve.

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Be a partner for change: Become an EDF Action Partner

Becoming an EDF Action Partner is the easiest and most effective way to make a difference. Your monthly gifts provide the critical resources to fight back against attacks on our environmental safeguards and advance meaningful climate protections on Capitol Hill and in statehouses across the country.

Your monthly contribution will ensure that climate remains a top-tier political priority – and achieve our long-term goal of passing bipartisan national climate legislation.

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Engage with your members of Congress

Your members of Congress need to hear from you because your voice for the environment matters.

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Your vote makes a difference

Voting is the most important action you can take for our planet and for our democracy! So exercise your voice.

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Don’t forget to sign up and become an EDF Action member. With your help we’ll be able to tackle the climate crisis head on — working to elect pro-environment candidates and pass climate legislation. Join now.