Building lasting political power

EDF Action's Mission

About EDF Action

EDF Action, the advocacy partner of the Environmental Defense Fund, builds transformative political power to help protect our environment and the health of American families. We work with a broad range of allies all across the country to combat climate change, reduce pollution and promote sustainable prosperity.

This means educating legislators about new innovative solutions, working across the aisle to build political momentum, mobilizing constituents to advocate for our health and environment, and working to elect pro-environment candidates while holding anti-environment politicians accountable. In addition, we are working to foster the next generation of climate leaders.

All this work will help build a durable and inclusive majority of pro-environment elected officials, which is needed to pass comprehensive climate legislation.

Explore EDF Action’s website to find out more about our programs, the work we’re doing as well as how to get involved!

Our leadership

David Kieve - President

Elizabeth Gore - Senior Vice President, Political Affairs

Fred Krupp, Executive Director

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Board of Directors

Lise Strickler, Co-Chair
Three Cairns Group

Coddy Johnson, Co-Chair
Partner, Goodwater Capital

Frank Loy, Chair Emeritus
Former Under Secretary of State for Global Affairs

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Thomas F. Darden, II
CEO, Cherokee Investment Partners

Richard H. Davis
Partner, Stone Court Capital

Kirsten J. Feldman
Retired Managing Director, Morgan Stanley
Chair, Steep Rock Association

Carl Ferenbach
Chairman, High Meadows Foundation

Susan Ford Dorsey
President, Sand Hill Foundation

Charles J. Hamilton, Jr.
Senior Counsel, Windels Marx Lane & Mittendorf, LLP

Kevin Johnson
Board Director, American Resilience Project

The Honorable Thomas H. Kean
Chairman Emeritus, Carnegie Corporation of New York
Chairman, THK Consulting, LLC

John C. Kerr
General Partner, Texas Next Capital

Abby Leigh

Susan Mandel
ZOOM Foundation

Mary Powell
CEO, Sunrun

Jon Powers
Co-Founder/President, CleanCapital

Clara Pratte
CEO, Strongbow Strategies
Managing Partner, Navajo Power PBC

Thais Lopez Vogel, Esq.
Founder/Trustee, VoLo Foundation

Jeffrey P. Williams
2013 ALI Fellow, Harvard University

Joanne Witty
Director, Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation