It’s time to Power Up, America

A window of opportunity

With the Biden-Harris administration and 117th Congress, we have the unique chance to make real progress in our efforts to combat climate change and create healthier communities while growing our economy.

Let’s get to work building clean trucks, buses, cars and clean energy

Solar workers

America has been living through tumultuous times. As our leaders focus on recovery, they have a chance to make some big changes that are long overdue.

Transitioning to zero-emission transportation and 100% clean power can put millions of people to work, save tens of thousands of lives, build up our domestic manufacturing base and make American businesses more competitive.

All of this will move us toward a healthier, more equitable and more prosperous future.

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We can create healthier communities

Biking child with cheering parents

With strategic outreach and coordination and targeted investments, a clean transportation and energy system has the potential to bring good jobs as well as significant health benefits to communities of color and lower-income communities.

This is important as these communities are more likely to live near highways and power plants and be directly exposed to harmful soot, smog and toxic pollution and also to have been hit hardest by the coronavirus crisis.


Goals guided by science

The U.S. needs a 100% clean economy — one that produces no more climate pollution than we can also remove from the atmosphere — no later than 2050. That’s consistent with the best science. And we have an opportunity to start making progress now. This means 100% clean electric power by 2035, all new cars to be zero polluting by 2035, and all new trucks and buses to be zero polluting by 2040.

This future is achievable

Every major truck, bus and car manufacturer is already developing or investing in all-electric, zero-emission vehicles.

Over 87 million Americans are already getting service from an electric utility that's moving to net-zero emissions.

Before the coronavirus took down the economy, clean energy was one of the nation’s strongest sectors, growing 70% faster than the economy as a whole. With support, the clean energy sector is poised for a strong rebound.

We have a long history of entrepreneurs, scientists and engineers tackling big challenges. But to achieve our goals, boost the economy and stabilize the climate, we need bold leadership from Washington.

This is the type of bold action we need to start combating the climate crisis head-on. Let's get to work.