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  • March 26,2020

    The Senate has passed a bill that Sen. Schumer described as “unemployment insurance on steroids.” This is a sigh of relief for the millions of Americans who have been holding their breath, desperately trying to figure out how to pay bills and support their families during this unprecedented crisis. Make no mistake: Marshaling new resources to protect Americans’ health, safety, and bank accounts must be priority one. But the taxpayers who are currently struggling financially have the right to expect that companies getting bailed out aren’t contributing to another public health crisis down the line. We need to make sure that as the focus expands from immediate aid to economic stimulus, our investments build a better future.
  • March 26,2020

    EDF Action is the advocacy partner of Environmental Defense Fund, and can participate in legislative advocacy in cases where EDF, as a charity, has to stand down. To get our most exclusive content, you need to opt in to becoming an EDF Action member — which only requires the click of a button. Once you’ve done that, we’ll be able to send you more in-depth information on how to get involved with EDF Action, including information on how to get more involved in our legislative advocacy work, deeper insights into environmental issues and policy challenges, and you’ll get to help shape EDF Action’s priorities in an exclusive annual members-only survey. EDF Action membership doesn't require a donation, and there's no barrier for entry. All you have to do is click below to let us know you want to be involved!
  • March 26,2020

    The science has never been more clear: if we want a chance to avoid the worst effects of the climate crisis, it is critical that we stop emitting more climate pollution than we can remove from the atmosphere. To make this happen, some members of Congress have unveiled a groundbreaking proposal that will transition the United States to a 100% clean economy by 2050. It will dramatically cut pollution across all sectors of our economy: from transportation, to agriculture, to manufacturing, and beyond. Tell your representative to prevent climate chaos by cosponsoring the bill that moves us towards the 100% clean future we deserve.
  • March 26,2020

    From the bald eagle that is the very icon of America to the New England cottontail that inspired Peter Rabbit—the beloved fictional character adored by children from coast to coast—the Endangered Species Act has brought countless species back from the brink. But now, all of that could be at risk. Several Republicans in Congress have made efforts to chip away at the law, circulating proposals that would undermine the ESA and replace science with politics. We need your help to make sure this crucial law remains intact.
  • March 20,2020

    To avoid the worst impacts of climate change, we must get to a 100% clean economy by 2050. The good news is: We have the technical know-how to make this future a reality. Now, we need our members of Congress to speak up for the future we deserve. Any agenda that looks to face the most serious problems and realities of our country and our world must include a plan to move us toward a zero pollution world.
  • March 13,2020

    There's no time left to set anything short of the most audacious goal we can possibly reach: Getting to a zero pollution future, and a 100% clean economy. This is the first step towards America's next moonshot — and every Senator is facing a crucial test as a bill setting this goal has been introduced, and cosponsors are signing on.
  • February 18,2020

    More than one-third of Arizona's perennial river miles have already dried up, largely because of groundwater pumping. In rural Arizona, which is 80% of the state's land, water users can pump unlimited amounts of groundwater — even if it significantly lowers water levels, dries up neighboring wells, or depletes flows in connected rivers and streams.  EDF supporters demanded this issue be addressed — and within days, the legislature responded by introducing HB 2896. This bill would create an infrastructure to solve this problem, by supporting rural communities in creating local solutions to meet local needs.
  • February 10,2020

    A crucial bill has been introduced in the United States Senate – the Clean Economy Act. This legislation sets an audacious goal: Getting to a zero-pollution future, and a 100% clean economy. Are your Senators helping us get there? Use our simple tool to find out today!
  • February 05,2020

    Oregon's state legislative session just started this week – but our opposition has been hard at work trying to kill climate action, and their lobbyists are descending on Senate offices.  They're taking aim at SB 1530 – our best chance at making 2020 a year of climate action for Oregon.  Don't let your State Senators only hear from industry lobbyists. Make sure they hear from you – before climate action opponents get their way.