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Public health under attack

Deep cuts to EPA proposed by the Trump administration would jeopardize Americans’ health and safety. Now it’s up to Congress to protect our critical health safeguards.

Mercury protection under attack

EPA’s Mercury and Air Toxics Standards save up to 11,000 lives and prevent thousands of heart attacks, asthma attacks and hospital visits each year. Yet the Trump Administration is trying to undermine these crucial health protections.

Tell EPA to keep the mercury rules in place

Trump EPA puts polluters first

The Senate recently voted to confirm Andrew Wheeler, a former coal-lobbyist, as head of the EPA. The person in this role should put our health first, yet Wheeler is continuing the Trump administration’s relentless attack on public health and environmental safeguards.

What’s at risk if EPA’s budget is slashed?

Deep cuts to EPA proposed by the Trump administration for the third year in a row would jeopardize Americans’ health and safety by reducing the funds that would address pollution including lead, toxic waste sites, contaminated water, and much more. The result will be more asthma attacks, more toxic pollution in our communities, and more dangerous chemicals in our drinking water.

LA then

Before the EPA and our bedrock environmental safeguards there was more smog in our cities, more pollution in our water and less assurance our families were protected.

Climate and air protections are under attack

Efforts to weaken critical health protections come with high costs in the form of more asthma attacks, more work and school days lost, and more premature death.

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The Trump administration is attacking lifesaving Mercury and Air Toxics Standards.

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