Supporting sustainable agriculture, for farm and future

All Americans benefit from conservation solutions

Farming for the future means building resilience today. American farming depends on it, and farmers are counting on Congress for support.

Farmers want Congress to act

Farmers have a long history of innovation and stewardship, and many are turning to conservation practices that pay to manage risk and increase resilience. But they can’t do it alone.

They’re counting on Congress to provide flexible incentives and tools that make it easier for them to adapt their operations and benefit from delivering conservation solutions.

Bill Couser: Sustainable agriculture is farming for our future

Conservation solutions, for farm and future

This is a pivotal moment for American farmers. Profitability has never been more important, but is increasingly difficult to achieve.

As more frequent extreme and variable weather increases production risk, farmers need new solutions for supporting resilient operations and long-term profitability.

American farmers steward two-thirds of our nation’s land, all while producing food, fuel and fiber. By adopting and maintaining conservation practices on that land, farmers can also improve soil health, protect water quality, sequester carbon and reduce risk from extreme weather.

Ultimately, building agricultural resilience is good for farmers, their communities and our country.

Stay informed

As new policies emerge for advancing resilient agriculture, stay informed about progress and ways to get involved.

Bipartisan policies show the way

Congress can reward farmers for their efforts through voluntary, science-based policies. Examples include policies that:

Hear from America’s farmers

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