We need to rebuild better. Together.

America is in crisis

Right now, things feel difficult and uncertain. But throughout this crisis, most of us have stood together – even while we’re six feet apart.

We are a force for good. And we can harness that power to build a safer, healthier, and cleaner future.

As we move past this crisis, Congress will have to consider how to give a boost to our economy in a way that will empower us to rebuild and put people back to work. As our leaders make investments in our future, they must build a better one – with less pollution in our air, clean and safe water to drink, and all communities protected from the dangers of environmental degradation.

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Congress: We need a better future for 100% of us.

We can’t solve this crisis by contributing to another one.

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A stronger, safer and cleaner America

EDF Action Rebuild Better

How do we get our feet back under us and begin to revitalize our economy? How can we rebuild our communities so that we can restore financial security, create opportunity and deliver lasting improvements for all Americans? We need to work together and commit to building a better America that is stronger, safer and cleaner.

Building back better for 100% of us

The coronavirus molecule doesn’t discriminate, but our public health outcomes always have. Low-income Americans and communities of color are more likely to live near polluting facilities and have unequal access to treatment. Sadly, research has found that areas with high air pollution levels before this crisis have also reported higher COVID-19 death rates.

That’s why our goal is not to return to business as usual, but to build a more just and equitable future where the air is cleaner, and all communities are healthier and more resilient than before.

Climate action is not cancelled

EDF Action Rebuild Better

March 2020 was the world's second hottest March on record.

The COVID-19 crisis has shown us a fast-forward version of what happens when you ignore the warnings of scientists. This pandemic is having such devastating impacts precisely because some leaders, including President Trump, delayed action. Unfortunately, dismissing science is not isolated to this public health emergency. Without millions of climate activists keeping up the pressure visibly on street corners and in the halls of Congress, those in power will continue to ignore the science on climate change, endangering us all.

Today, our nation is rightly focused on our current health and economic crisis, but we cannot rebuild our communities in a manner that will leave a mess for our kids. We need to keep fighting for climate solutions that put the U.S. on a path to achieving a 100% clean economy by 2050.