Trump Can’t be Trusted with our Environment

Florida Announcement Nothing More than a Political Ploy

September 8, 2020
Hannah Blatt,, 202-572-3534

(Tampa, FL – September 8, 2020) Today, Donald Trump is in Florida making an announcement on offshore drilling. Yet, it’s obvious that this is a political tactic to try to win Florida, a critical battleground state.

Politico reported in June that “The Trump administration is preparing to open the door to oil and gas drilling off Florida’s coast — but will wait until after the November election to avoid blowback in a swing state whose waters both parties have long considered sacrosanct, according to four people familiar with the plan.”

“Today’s announcement couldn’t be less sincere. Trump is in danger of losing in a key battleground state, and now he’s got to invent a completely new record to try to win back voters that live in coastal communities and rely on tourism to drive their economies,” said EDF Action President Joe Bonfiglio. “Three months ago his Administration was shopping a plan to open up drilling along Florida’s coasts, which shouldn’t surprise anyone as Trump has spent the past four years filling his administration with industry lobbyists and pushing forward an agenda written, literally, by big industry.

“Now, less than 60 days until the election, Trump has suddenly changed his tune, and announces that he wants to stop offshore drilling? If he’s re-elected, he’ll go right back to doing what he’s always done – anything big polluters wants him to do.”

EDF Action put together this guide for fact-checking President Trump’s statements about the environment and his administration’s real record putting polluters first. It includes some of his most common false claims with correct information and sources. Click here to view the report.

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