Senate Approves Spending Bill Maintaining Funding for EPA

Vote follows House vote attacking protections for families, setting stage for conference

August 1, 2018
Keith Zukowski,, (202) 572-3289

The Senate today approved a spending package that maintains level funding for the Environmental Protection Agency and is largely free of harmful riders. The bill passed (92-6) and maintains the slight boost in funding the Agency saw last year. It stands in stark contrast to the bill passed in the House last week, which would see EPA’s budget reduced by more than half a billion dollars and included several riders that attacked the Agency and core public health and environmental safeguards.

“We are thankful that a majority in the Senate recognizes EPA as an agency to support and bolster, rather than one to weaken. This bill will allow the Agency to continue to do its essential work, even as President Trump and his administration do all they can to hamper EPA and the public health protections that it provides.

“The bill and the entire process leading to its passage stand as an example for the House in responsible governing and commonsense procedure. We remain discouraged by the House’s continued assault on EPA. To think that an Agency already stretched so thin—and one that Americans rely on to keep them safe and healthy—could stand a half a billion dollar cut is to ignore the best interests of children and families. Thankfully, the two chambers of Congress will enter conference with one side having staked out a commitment to upholding EPA’s funding and withholding dangerous, poison pill riders.

“We call on those who have voiced their support for EPA to continue to do so as the House and Senate enter conference. Any spending bill that is passed by Congress must maintain EPA’s budget and avoid language that could put the health and well-being of our children and grandchildren at risk. “

- Elgie Holstein, Senior Director for Strategic Planning, EDF Action