Rep. Stevens Joined Roundtable with Community Leaders to Highlight MI leadership in the Transition to Clean Energy & the Opportunity for Good-Paying Union Jobs at The International Union of Painters and Allied Trades training center

July 10, 2023
Hannah Blatt,, 202-572-3534

Warren, Michigan - Today, Congresswoman Haley Stevens joined local elected officials and community leaders for a roundtable at The International Union of Painters and Allied Trades (IUPAT) to discuss Michigan’s economic opportunities in the transition to clean energy and the good paying union jobs that come with it. Following the roundtable, elected officials went on a tour of the IUPAT facility.

At the roundtable speakers held an in-depth discussion on how the Inflation Reduction Act and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law will benefit Michiganders and help tackle the climate crisis.

The event is hosted by IUPAT, BlueGreen Alliance, Michigan League of Conservation Voters and EDF Action.

“I was absolutely delighted to join Michigan LCV, the Blue Green Alliance, EDF Action, and the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades today for such an important discussion about the Inflation Reduction Act,” said Congresswoman Haley Stevens. “At this critical moment of historic federal investments for clean energy and infrastructure, Michigan showed the nation that we are a worker-friendly state, where folks will receive a fair wage for their hard work. We don’t want to see critical infrastructure projects built by contractors who cut corners. We all need to work together to ensure Michigan will be using every tool in our toolbox to take full advantage of both the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and the IRA that I fought so hard to pass in Congress.”

“We have a major moment right now in Michigan to reduce pollution, support union jobs, and strengthen communities thanks to action and investments at the state and federal level,” said State Representative Donavan McKinney (HD-14). “The conversation today with community voices, elected officials, union workers, and environmental groups demonstrated a powerful coalition of leaders that are rolling up our sleeves and getting to work to make sure these investments and policies at the federal, state, and local level are aligned to provide opportunities and a better quality of life for all Michiganders.”

“The Inflation Reduction Act and Bipartisan Infrastructure Law provide historic levels of federal funding to fight climate change, create good jobs, and revitalize U.S. manufacturing,” said Frank Houston, Michigan Regional Program Manager for the BlueGreen Alliance. “Now it’s time to put that funding to work here in Michigan. Today’s constructive conversation and all the work we continue to do will help maximize the benefits of the funding and programs included in these two laws for all Michiganders.”

“We have a once in a generation opportunity to invest in our communities, create good union jobs and support cleaner air and water with federal funds from the Inflation Reduction Act,” said Bentley Johnson, federal government affairs director for the Michigan League of Conservation Voters. “We look forward to working with state and local governments as these funds flow to local communities to build out clean, renewable energy, weatherize homes and businesses and fortify Michigan’s infrastructure now and into the future.”

“Michigan is a manufacturing powerhouse that has the tools and the know-how to lead the clean energy transition. And the federal investments our government has made recently will help Michiganders build on this foundation, with key investments creating good paying union jobs and economic opportunities that allow our families and communities thrive,” said EDF Action Michigan Organizer Tina Catron. “The event today really showcased the breath of opportunity available to our state, and the commitment from our elected officials, at every level, to continue to build on our leadership and invest in our workforce.

“It is essential that each level of government is engaged to maximize the impact of unprecedented federal investments that will enable creation of reliable and affordable energy solutions that prioritize renewable, clean and sustainable energy enhancements,” said Amy O’Leary, Executive Director of SEMCOG, the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments. “Working together on climate action is a regional priority, and we are looking forward to helping connect implementers at the local level with funds from the Inflation Reduction Act.” O’Leary added, “Southeast Michigan’s local governments are excited to fully seize this opportunity, which includes promoting the tremendous career opportunities that will build and maintain our region’s clean energy future.”

“There are an estimated 177,000 kids across Michigan who suffer from asthma—one of them is my son,” said Moms Clean Air Force Michigan Organizer Elizabeth Hauptman. “High air pollution days can mean asthma attacks, missed school days, and even trips to the hospital. But, thanks to pollution-cutting provisions in the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), my son will be able to breathe easier. The IRA investments are expected to significantly reduce air pollution, resulting in 100,000 fewer asthma attacks in the US in 2030. This is great news for families like mine, who can look forward to healthier days ahead!”