Poll: Climate Action Increasingly Important to Nevada’s Latino Community

February 21, 2020
Hannah Blatt, hblatt@edfaction.org, 202-572-3534

Las Vegas, Nevada – February 21, 2020) Latino Decisions and EDF Action released new polling showing that Latino voters in Nevada care about climate change and are calling for policymakers to pass bold policy solutions. This poll shows a strong trend of increasing support for action to combat climate change and air pollution among the Silver State’s Latino residents.

Key poll findings include:

  • Latinos eligible to vote in Nevada are seeing and feeling the impacts of climate change more than ever before, with 46% of people saying they’ve personally been impacted within the last year, a 19% increase compared to 2018, and 66% now saying say they’ve been impacted within the past five years.
  • These voters said it is “extremely important” that Congress take steps to aggressively address climate change, increasing from 38% in 2016 to 65% in 2020.
  • On air pollution and smog reduction that same upward trend continues, with 39% of voters in 2016 and 62% of voters in 2020 saying it’s an “extremely important” issue for Congress to address.
  • In 2020, Nevada’s Latinos who are eligible to vote made it clear that they’re much more likely to support politicians who commit to action to reducing carbon pollution (84%) than those who support increased fossil fuel development, like expanding offshore drilling (11%), when asked to pick between the two.

“Latino voters favor comprehensive climate action and want to support candidates who prioritize it. The jump in intensity on this issue by just about every measure in four short years is incredible. Latino voters are a critical voting bloc in Nevada and these numbers make it clear that they expect climate solutions,” said Joe Bonfiglio, President of EDF Action.

“The results from this poll provide insights on a diverse electorate living in a state which is experiencing an increase in dangerous heat days, drought, and are increasingly looking for leaders who will prioritize climate action,” said Edward D. Vargas, Senior Analyst, Latino Decisions.