NEW POLL: Voters Want Sen. Tillis to Oppose the Confirmation of a Coal Lobbyist to Run EPA

Only 22% of North Carolina voters want Tillis to vote for Wheeler's confirmation

February 6, 2019
Keith Gaby,, (202) 572-3336

(February 6, 2019) A new poll from EDF Action shows that North Carolina voters overwhelmingly oppose President Trump’s nomination of a former coal lobbyist, Andrew Wheeler, to run the Environmental Protection Agency. With a confirmation vote expected shortly, 46 percent of North Carolina voters—and 54 percent of independents—want Senator Thom Tillis to oppose Wheeler, compared with only 22 percent—and 14 percent of independents—who support the confirmation.

“North Carolina families care about clean air and water, so I think it’s a shock to them that a former coal lobbyist might be put in charge of the Environmental Protection Agency. Senator Tillis has a chance to establish himself as a political leader who stands up for the environment – and rejects the influence of corporate lobbyists – by opposing Andrew Wheeler,” said Joe Bonfiglio, President of EDF Action.

Jim Williams, of Public Policy Polling, which conducted and analyzed the poll, added, “The idea of putting a corporate lobbyist in charge of protecting our environment is deeply unpopular in North Carolina.  Senator Tillis will be going against a significant portion of North Carolinians if he supports Wheeler for this position.”

The survey of 663 North Carolina voters ran from January 31 to February 3, 2019. A memo on the poll can be seen here.