EDF Action Statement: Trump Attempted to Cover Up his Damaging Environmental Record

July 8, 2019
Hannah Blatt, hblatt@edfaction.org, 202-572-3534

(Washington, D.C. – July 8, 2019) EDF Action President Joe Bonfiglio released this statement following President Trump’s speech attempting to cover up his disastrous environmental record:

“President Trump has a political problem, one that he created and certainly didn’t solve by today’s surreal press event. The Trump Administration’s record on the environment is beyond dismal and voters know it. It is one of the reasons suburban voters across the country elected politicians that would challenge the Administration on climate change and a whole host of environmental policies.”

It’s not like the President or the Administration has been subtle about their environmental agenda. President Trump has repeatedly and often gleefully taken to twitter or appeared at rallies, railing against big things like the Paris climate agreement and little ones like energy efficient light bulbs.”