EDF Action Reaction to Republican Debate

August 23, 2023
Austin Matheny-Kawesch, amatheny@edfaction.org, (858) 395-5577

(Washington D.C.) – Today, EDF Action President David Kieve released a reaction to the first Republican debate:

“Voters tuning into tonight’s Republican presidential debate hoping for candidates to put forward plans to address the most pressing issues of our time will be disappointed. Calling climate change a hoax is dangerous and irresponsible. And simply put, it is a losing issue in the general election. None of the candidates have produced a plan that accelerates the clean energy transition already underway, reduces harmful pollution and improves our health. They made it clear that they would rather follow a political playbook that prioritizes polluters’ profits over you and me.

“Climate change means right now we’re having to cope with more extreme weather. We’re seeing more floods, droughts and fires close to home and around the world. To protect our planet’s – and our own – future, we must take practical action to tackle climate change. No one can be considered a serious candidate for president without a plan that puts people over polluters with a science-based approach to reduce climate pollution and protect public health.”