EDF Action Launches New $700K Television and Digital Ad Campaign on Benefits of Clean Cars in Michigan

Savings, affordability and choice animate, and motivate, EV buyers in the Wolverine State

February 6, 2024
Elaine Labalme, elabalme@edfaction.org, (412) 996-4112

LANSING, Mich. – EDF Action today launched a $700,000 television and streaming ad campaign in Lansing, Michigan and Washington, D.C. promoting the benefits of clean cars. The ad campaign helps illustrate how federal policies make electric vehicles (EVs) more available to Michigan auto buyers. 

“Drivers love electric cars and trucks because they provide performance and savings, and that’s a powerful combination,” said David Kieve, president of EDF Action. “With the story of Gail, a retired nurse from Lansing, this new ad campaign illustrates how policies that make zero-emission vehicles more accessible also help consumers and accelerate job growth in Michigan. It’s an important positive message, especially in the birthplace of the automobile and assembly line. The EV future starts here.” 

The first ad of the campaign launches today and features Gail, a retired nurse from the Lansing area who loves her Ford EV because she saves money and never has to pump gas in the snow. In the ad, Gail speaks of the benefits of her EV, “the fastest car I’ve ever owned and also the most affordable.” In addition to not paying for gas, electric vehicles require less spending on maintenance costs such as oil changes or brake pads. Tax credits provide significant point of sale savings on new and used vehicles.  

These ads build on a prior campaign run by Environmental Defense Fund, whose policy goals EDF Action support,  that were centered in Scranton, Pennsylvania and featured Mayor Paige Cognetti and a couple from northeast Pennsylvania. Just last week, EDF released a new report showing that Michigan consumers can save thousands of dollars by choosing an EV over a gas-powered car. The analysis looked at net purchase cost of the vehicle, fuel costs, insurance costs, and maintenance costs over 10 years and found cost savings as high as $21,100 when comparing the cost of Ford’s F-150 Lightning EV with the gasoline-powered Ford F-150. The Mustang Mach-E can save consumers $2,100 over the first 10 years as compared to a similar gasoline-powered vehicle (the Ford Edge). The Chevy Bolt EUV can save Michiganders as much as $12,600 compared to a comparable gasoline-powered car. 
The choice to buy an EV is made easier by federal policies including the vehicle tax credits and infrastructure investments in President Biden’s clean energy plan that will lead to wider choices in electric vehicles for consumers, including cash-in-hand rebates at the dealership. The car featured in the ad, a Mach-E, is not currently eligible for federal tax credits but used and leased Mach-Es can be eligible. 

The EDF analysis also found that there are 37 EV models available for less than $48,000, the average purchase price of a new car last year, and 10 EV models available for less than $35,000. Electric vehicles represent more than a cost-saving opportunity for Michigan: they’re also bringing 19,700 new good-paying jobs and $21.9 billion in economic investment to the state.

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