EDF Action Launches Florida Campaign to Set Record Straight on Trump Administration Climate & Pollution Rollbacks

November 19, 2019
Hannah Blatt, hblatt@edfaction.org, 202-572-3534

Washington D.C.- November 19, 2019) EDF Action launched a campaign to set the record straight on the Trump Administration’s record on climate and pollution. A new website www.TrumpClimateFacts.com highlights Trump’s denial of climate science, attacks on clean air, weakening federal clean car standards, and undermining the implementation of a new chemical safety law. It also showcases Trump’s abdication of a leadership role for the United States by withdrawing from the world climate agreement.

“People in Florida are seeing and feeling the impacts of climate change, but we have a President who refuses to address this crisis,” said EDF Action President Joe Bonfiglio. “The Trump Administration, stacked with lobbyists, is delivering on a big polluter wish list by rolling back pollution safeguards, pulling out of a critical international climate agreement and attempting to silence our scientists.  These moves mean more pollution and put the health and safety of Florida families at risk. This isn’t leadership. We’re urging Floridians to voice their concern, over President Trump’s record of ignoring climate change and harming our air and water, by contacting the White House.”

Even while rolling back a series of protections, President Trump and Administration defenders have attempted obfuscate and distort the Administration’s record.

The new EDF Action effort holds the Administration accountable for pulling the United States out of the international agreement, silencing climate science and rolling back climate and pollution safeguards.