EDF Action Candidates Win as Voters Put a Check on Trump’s Reckless Agenda

$9 million spent in 30 battleground races

November 7, 2018
Keith Gaby, kgaby@edfaction.org, (703) 625-8218


(Washington, D.C. – November 7, 2018) EDF Action celebrated a strong election night for pro-environment candidates across the country, as well as a string of victories that were supported by our electoral work. Candidates from New York to New Mexico won by pressing a strong environmental agenda, and were supported by EDF Action campaigns that held incumbents accountable for voting to increase pollution.

“Last night was a very good night for pro-environment candidates, and we were encouraged that so many of the winners made clean air, clean water, and climate solutions a part of their campaigns,” said Joe Bonfiglio, President of EDF Action.

“Voters across the country voted to put a check the Trump administration’s reckless policies and rejected many in Congress that support them. The people have voted to prioritize kids’ health and put a check on the backward policies of this administration,” said Bonfiglio.

In total, EDF Action spent nearly $9 million in over 30 races in pivotal battleground states, supporting pro-environment candidates on both sides of the aisle up and down the ballot. Among those key races were state assemblyman Anthony Brindisi, who defeated climate change denier Congresswoman Claudia Tenney in New York’s 22nd District, attorney Lizzie Pannill Fletcher who defeated another climate change denier in Texas’ 7th District, and Senator-Elect Jacky Rosen who defeated climate skeptic, incumbent Senator Dean Heller in Nevada.

EDF Action also focused on building the next generation of national environmental leaders by investing in efforts at the state level. That includes helping to re-elect Representative Brian Turner to the North Carolina State House and pro-water conservation candidates Lisa Atkins, Terry Goddard and Heather Macre winning seats on the Central Arizona Water Conservation District Board, which has an outsized influence on water policy throughout the lower Colorado River Basin.

“If we want a healthy future for our kids, we need to support pro-environmental candidates in local and state races, too. Every level of government has an impact on our environment – and the leaders of the future will come from those who were elected to state legislatures and local government today,” added Bonfiglio.