Congress Rejects President Trump’s Call to Devastate the EPA’s Budget

Statement by Elgie Holstein, Senior Director of Strategic Planning, EDF Action

March 22, 2018
Keith Gaby,, (202) 572-3336

“This budget deal shows that Congress understands the political danger of undermining EPA’s work to protect American families from pollution. President Trump and Administrator Pruitt proposed huge cuts to EPA, but Congress — responding to a backlash from people all over this country — said no.

“This is a resounding victory for all of the activists who fought back, for the Members of Congress who opposed President Trump’s plan, and for the American families who want cleaner air and water.

“EPA protects the health of our kids from pollution, toxic waste, and dangerous chemicals. If Trump’s cuts had gone through, it would have meant more asthma attacks, more cancer and heart disease, and more pollution in our communities. Members of Congress were simply not prepared to return home to their constituents and explain why they voted for more pollution.

“Members from both parties also kept poison pill riders out that would otherwise harm America’s wildlife. At the same time, they increased investments in critical wildlife conservation programs such as the Land and Water Conservation Fund, and helped ensure that the women and men at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and National Marine Fisheries Service can continue to do their important work.

“There are many fights to come. The Trump administration will not stop its attacks on clean air and water safeguards and sound science – and still has many allies in Congress. EPA’s budget must be restored, after decades of cuts, so it can fully protect the health of the American people. But this week’s victory is a significant step for common sense and a better future.”

—Elgie Holstein, Senior Director of Strategic Planning, EDF Action