Congress Must Make Democracy Reform a Top Priority

EDF Action calls for swift passage of commonsense democracy reforms

January 25, 2021
Hannah Blatt,, 202-572-3534

(Washington, D.C., January 25, 2021) EDF Action today announced support for the For the People Act, which has been introduced in both the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate. This legislation (HR1/S1) is a comprehensive package of reforms that will increase voter participation by making voting easier and more accessible and includes a new nationwide automatic and same-day voter registration system. The bill also curbs the influence of money in politics.

“Climate progress depends on a working democracy. That’s why EDF Action is supporting reforms that will strengthen the power of the people. For far too long, money has played an outsized role in Washington, giving too much power to those who profit from polluting sources of energy and oppose bold action on climate change. We need to take this first step of comprehensive democracy reforms so we can ensure that the environmental concerns in every community are not only heard but legislative action is taken to solve these critical problems facing our country,” said EDF Action Senior Vice President of Political Affairs Elizabeth Gore.

“With the reforms included in the For the People Act, we can make voting more accessible so that every eligible voter is able to cast a ballot without interference, actively participate in our democracy and advocate for commonsense legislation that helps to clean up our air and water while fighting for a healthier planet.”