Colorado Voters Reject Amendment 74, Triumphing Over State’s Biggest Polluters

EDF Action statement from Dan Grossman, National Director of State Programs, Energy

November 6, 2018
Shira Langer,, (202) 572-3254


(DENVER, CO – Nov. 6, 2018) Colorado voters today chose to reject Amendment 74. The  controversial ballot initiative, largely funded by the oil and gas industry, would have enriched energy companies at the direct expense of Colorado taxpayers, the environment, and public health by allowing companies to file a claim or lawsuit against local governments for simply implementing environmental protections that protect our air and water.

“Amendment 74 was never about creating a just playing field for landowners – it was about a few oil and gas companies trying to buy an election to create entitlements that benefit polluters, rob taxpayers, and threaten our air and water. More than 100 local governments and a diverse coalition including business groups, environmental organizations, labor unions and more  vehemently opposed this dangerous proposal. Coloradans from across the state came together to send a clear message that Amendment 74 was too extreme for Colorado and that commonsense must prevail.”

-       Dan Grossman, National Director of State Programs, EDF Action