California Assembly bill is important contribution to state’s climate and air policy discussions

EDF Action statement from Erica Morehouse, Senior Attorney, Global Climate

February 9, 2017
Jennifer Andreassen,, 202-572-3387

(SACRAMENTO – February 9, 2017) Environmental Defense Fund Action today hailed members of the California Assembly for introducing legislation (AB 378, C. Garcia, E. Garcia, and Holden) that provides guidance to state regulators on climate and air quality, and clarifies that the state may continue using market-based mechanisms after 2020. The bill emphasizes that the California Air Resources Board (CARB) must develop policies to achieve the state’s climate and air quality goals while holding polluters accountable, protecting the state’s economy, and ensuring benefits for California communities, especially disadvantaged communities.

“This bill is an important contribution to the discussion of how California can continue as a strong global climate leader while also keeping a firm focus on how to improve poor air quality that primarily burdens local communities. More than a decade into California’s robust climate program, carbon pollution is going down and the economy is thriving. Similarly, the state has seen air quality improvements but there is much more work to do.

“A large majority of Californians support strong action on climate and steps to create a healthier environment where people and nature can thrive. We hope California’s elected representatives weigh in this year to help California cement its legacy of climate leadership and environmental stewardship.”

  • Erica Morehouse, Senior Attorney, Global Climate