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Biden Delivering on his Climate Promise & Marshalling All of Government

Photo found on Flickr by Gage Skidmore

From day one, President Joe Biden started to deliver on his campaign promise to tackle climate change with bold and decisive action. In fact, his administration will leverage the entire federal government to combat this challenge head on and invest in all our communities.

In the first full week of Biden's presidency, he held a climate day where he signed many executive orders that direct all agencies across the federal government to use their tools and capacity to tackle the climate crisis in earnest. On this day, President Biden said, "Today is ‘Climate Day' at the White House and — which means that today is ‘Jobs Day' at the White House."

Here at EDF Action, we couldn't agree more. But it's not just environmental groups: Voters all across the country also see the connection between a strong economy, jobs and combating the climate crisis. In fact, a recent Morning Consult poll shows that Americans overwhelmingly see this connection and support these policies.

Voters also support President Biden's overall approach of marshalling the entire federal government, from the Department of Transportation, the Department of Agriculture to the Environmental Protection Agency, to prioritize climate solutions while growing the economy. This is particularly true for young voters, whose support never dipped below 70%.

Some highlights from the poll:

  • 66% of voters say it's important for the Department of Transportation to incentivize the production of electric trucks, buses and cars
  • 71% of Independents and 61% of Republican voters support the Department of Transportation creating more access to good jobs by modernizing our infrastructure
  • A bipartisan majority of Republican and Democratic voters support the Environmental Protection Agency's efforts to adopt pollution limits for power plants, cars and trucks, and oil and gas development
  • Bipartisan majorities say it's important for the Department of Energy to help develop energy-efficient buildings, appliances, and renewable energy
  • 80% of voters want the Department of the Interior to have all voices be heard in land use and infrastructure decisions
  • 78% of voters, including 66% of Republicans say it's important for the Department of Agriculture to provide new market opportunities to farmers that reward positive environmental contributions

And there's more good news.

The people Joe Biden picked to run these federal agencies are committed to this "whole of government" approach as well. At the Senate Energy and Natural Resources committee hearing, former Governor Jennifer Granholm spoke about the importance of investing in electric vehicles and energy efficiency. And at the Transportation committee hearing, now Secretary Pete Buttigieg discussed his commitment to advancing clean vehicles and investing in the infrastructure powered by clean electric power. Also, at her hearing for Commerce Secretary, Governor Gina Raimondo highlighted the need to pursue ocean-specific climate solutions for sustainable fisheries and climate resilience.

While hearings haven't taken place for the many other climate focused nominees, their support for President Biden's agenda is clear. EPA Administrator nominee Michael Regan, Council for Environmental Quality nominee Brenda Mallory, Interior Secretary nominee Representative Deb Haaland, and Department of Agriculture nominee Tom Vilsack are all well positioned to play leadership roles on climate action and environmental justice in the administration.

President Biden's agenda is a win-win for our country, our economy and the health and well-being of our communities and natural world, and with his Cabinet picks the President is building a team of climate all-stars ready to move our country forward.