Ask about climate change

It’s critical that debate moderators ask about the climate crisis

Presidential candidates need to have a robust discussion at every debate about climate change and its impacts on our economy, healthcare system, national security, and environment.

Keeping the conversation focused on climate

We all know that climate change is already impacting our lives, from extreme weather to economic costs to the strain on our healthcare system. It’s putting nearly every aspect of our health and future at risk.

Voters care deeply about this issue. In fact, no issue is trending in importance more than climate change. The polling shows that voters want a leader who is focused on tackling the climate crisis and they want bold action and real solutions now. That’s why it’s critical that candidate and moderators prioritize the issue.

And EDF Action working to keep this issue front and center for candidates and the media alike. We’re running a digital campaign that helps to break through the clutter -- with a catchy melting popsicle —to get the attention of debate attendees and the media.

We want to hear from candidates

Candidates need to show us how they’ll move our country to a 100% clean future. That means transforming the entire economy, from the utility and energy sectors, to transportation and beyond. And we need to act fast to avoid the worst impacts of climate change.

In 2016, not a single climate question was asked at the presidential debates. The 2020 has seen some discussion at the debates, but more must be done. It’s critical that both candidates and moderators devote more time and energy to climate change – its impacts and solutions.

Americans are at risk. We deserve to know where our potential leaders stand on the climate crisis — and exactly how they plan to transition us to a 100% clean energy economy.