Climate on the Ballot: The Split Screen Between Biden and Trump has Come into Focus

Press Release

While President Biden looks forward, Donald Trump doubles down on his dirty past

WASHINGTON, D.C., May 9, 2024 – Six months before the presidential election, the split screen between the candidates on climate is in sharp focus. While President Biden announces $7 billion in grants to bring solar to underserved communities and launches a climate jobs program for young people, Donald Trump proclaims that he hates wind at a fundraising dinner with fossil fuel executives. The contrast is in constant rotation.

“Americans want clean, reliable and affordable energy but Trump’s chaotic plans enrich fossil fuel polluters at our expense,” said David Kieve, president of EDF Action. “President Biden is taking action to clean the air for our children while Trump promises to take a wrecking ball to those protections. President Biden is fixing roads and bridges that Trump didn’t. President Biden is creating clean energy jobs in every state and showing the world we’re ready to lead again. Trump? He suggests the only global warming we need to worry about is nuclear warming. It’s a shameful take from the worst president for our health and environment in U.S. history.”

Trump, meanwhile, is spreading falsehoods about electric vehicles, warning autoworkers of a “bloodbath” on clean cars in a swipe at the United Auto Workers. Here’s the truth: Electric vehicle and battery manufacturers have announced at least $114 billion in new projects and roughly 100,000 new jobs in the U.S. since President Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act into law in August 2022, an Environmental Defense Fund analysis [PDF] found.

“President Biden is right when he says we are a better nation when each generation does better than the one before it. That speaks to the hopes and dreams of every American and stands in stark contrast to Trump’s long history of selfishness and greed, regardless of the consequence to us and the future of our children,” Kieve said.