What’s taking place in our nation’s capital directly impacts what’s happening on the ground in our communities. EDF Action is active in the corridors of power to bring political power to people.

Our team is established and well positioned to lead the charge alongside partners and allies, forging alliances with climate champions who will take meaningful action against global warming and environmental degradation, never losing sight of the need for just and equitable solutions.

Our Plan

EDF Action’s plan of action is to tackle the climate crisis head on by building community power on a national scale, deploying climate campaigns and solutions that are meaningful and resonant, and then electing the climate champions that will continue this essential work.

The climate crisis is here, now, and it’s existential. We have a plan – now all we need is you. Working together, we will succeed.

Our Leadership | Board of Directors | Financial Statements

Our Leadership

David Kieve – President
Fred Krupp – Executive Director

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Board of Directors

Lise Strickler, Co-Chair
Three Cairns Group

Coddy Johnson, Co-Chair
Partner, Goodwater Capital

Frank Loy, Chair Emeritus
Former Under Secretary of State for Global Affairs

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Financial and Tax Statements