EDF Action is building political power for climate action

EDF Action in action

We’re creating a community of climate voters who together will put climate action front and center from the halls of Congress to the ballot box. Join thousands of excited advocates today. Climate Voters, Unite!.

  • Power Up America

    Power up, America

    Our leaders can create jobs and cut climate pollution with clean trucks, buses, cars and clean energy.

  • EDF Action in action

    EDF Action in action

    Help build the grassroots support we need for bold climate action.

Our mission

EDF Action, the advocacy partner of Environmental Defense Fund, builds political power to protect our environment and the health of American families. We work with allies across the country to combat climate change, reduce pollution, and promote sustainable prosperity. This means educating legislators about new innovative solutions, working across the aisle to build political momentum, mobilizing constituents to advocate for elected officials at every level to stand up for our health and environment, and working to elect pro-environment candidates at every level.

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EDF Action is the advocacy partner of Environmental Defense Fund. With a dedicated team of lobbyists, political strategists and communications professionals, we build strong, bipartisan support for transformative environmental protections.