In 2023, EDF Action’s grassroots team was in five states and activated, engaged, and mobilized members and supporters to act in support of our political and policy priorities. EDF Action members and supporters took 111,147 actions in support of EDF’s policy priorities including regulatory and congressional action. EDF Action’s grassroots and membership engagement efforts increased active membership by 24,224. 

EDF Action held its first-ever Unite for Climate Awards Receptions in Arizona, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, and South Carolina. The receptions brought together local activists, lawmakers, and members, spread awareness of EDF Action’s brand in key states, and celebrated the accomplishments and contributions of local climate and clean energy leaders.

Working with New Blue Interactive, EDF Action sought to acquire 70,000 new members by September 2024 via targeted communications focused on engaging politically minded members, generating actions, and expanding our donor base.   

To facilitate deeper engagement with volunteers, EDF Action launched its new “Action Team” leadership program in five states in September 2023. Our “Action Teams” include highly engaged and motivated volunteers eager to take on leadership roles. Team members in Arizona, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, and South Carolina connect virtually and in-person with state-based and national staff to strategize, act, and help lead our grassroots programs in states.  

In the name of electoral engagement, EDF Action activated volunteers and staff to engage in local, state, and federal races for climate champions in Virginia and Wisconsin. 25+ volunteers and staff members participated in shifts to canvass and phone bank for climate champion candidates. We also hired new organizers in South Carolina and New Hampshire as part of our commitment to growing our volunteer base in key states.   

EDF Action worked with Cause Campaign Partners to host four earned media events focused on the benefits of the Inflation Reduction Act in communities in Arizona, Nevada, and New Hampshire. Our partnership with Climate Action Campaign, a national coalition of environmental groups, is ongoing.