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WARNING: This rule could be hazardous to your health

EPA proposal would limit the ability of the agency to use the best available science to protect public health

Protections at risk

The “Censored Science” rule would effectively bar the agency from using many high quality scientific studies in the development of regulations to address toxic exposures, air quality, pollution, and other threats to public health.

It requires all data in any science used to make regulations to be publicly available, however many critical studies rely on medical and other personal information of study participants and cannot be made publicly available for legal and ethical reasons. The rule wouldn’t add any meaningful information to an already very open process, but would stop EPA from using important health studies.

The Censored Science proposal is another brazen attempt by the Trump administration to unleash polluters and industry at the expense of human health and our environment.

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5 ways EPA's "Censored science" proposed regulation put our health at risk

EDF comments: Trump and Wheeler’s proposal to censor science imperils life-Saving public health protections for all Americans and is flatly illegal.

A record of attacking science and scientists

Proposing to censor science is just the latest in a line of attacks on basic science from the Trump administration:

  • Trump’s EPA is tipping the scales on EPA’s Science Advisory Boards towards industry funded scientists.
  • The Trump administration is suppressing studies warning that more people are at risk of drinking contaminated water than previously thought and Americans inhale enough formaldehyde to put them at risk of developing cancer and other health problems.
  • TCE is a known human carcinogen that interferes with normal early-life development, is toxic to the immune system and kidneys, and is associated with neurological damage – among other harmful health effects. Under the Trump EPA, two proposed bans on high risk uses of this dangerous chemical have been delayed indefinitely.
  • Methylene Chloride is commonly used in paint and coating removal products but is also found in automotive products, adhesives, degreasers, and more. Methylene Chloride is acutely lethal, and EPA has classified it as a likely carcinogen. Despite numerous deaths from Methylene Chloride in paint removal products, EPA has failed to finalize a ban on such uses.
  • Trump has put lobbyists and industry representatives who have a record of distorting science to benefit industry in key positions at EPA.
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Trump's EPA suppressed a study showing more people are at risk of drinking contaminated water than previously thought.

Part of a broader anti-regulatory agenda

At the beginning of the 115th Congress, we saw a suite of bills introduced to weaken our nation’s system for crafting public safeguards like safety requirements for airplanes, food safety, and toxic air pollution.

Advanced under the misleading name of “regulatory reform”, they would dramatically increase red tape and industry lobbyist influence – severely damaging bedrock statutory protections for American communities.

The efforts to undermine science, are part of this push to prevent regulations that protect public health and the environment. By trying to undercut or disallow consideration of the bedrock science behind our landmark public health protections, this Administration is trying to rollback safeguards and prevent new ones.