Voting Debacles in Georgia and Elsewhere Undermine Democracy and Fight for Clean Future

June 10, 2020
Hannah Blatt,, 202-572-3534

(WASHINGTON, D.C- June 10, 2020) Yesterday, people went to the polls in Georgia and other states to cast primary votes, but Election Day was plagued with people having trouble casting their ballot. EDF Action President Joe Bonfiglio put out the following statement:

“Our work – protecting our air, water and climate – depends on our citizens being able to freely exercise their right to vote. Yet yesterday, Georgia showed exactly what shouldn’t happen in any election. It was very troubling to see long lines and major issues with voting machines that ended up discouraging people from doing their civic duty and casting their vote. Even in a public health crisis, this cannot be the new normal; we must learn from this and make necessary changes before the November election.”