Trump’s Polluter First Agenda

EDF Action Statement ahead of Trump’s Convention

August 24, 2020
Hannah Blatt,, 202-572-3534

(Washington, D.C. - August 24, 2020) Donald Trump released a short summary of his second term priorities ahead of his official re-nomination this week. EDF Action President Joe Bonfiglio released the following statement:

“When it comes to the environment, Donald Trump often says one thing and does something else entirely. Again and again he tries to hide his pro-polluter agenda from voters by praising our clean air and water, but this critical environmental progress came from bipartisan bedrock environmental laws like the Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act, both of which, the Trump administration has worked aggressively to undermine. In fact, with Donald Trump at the helm, he has installed industry lobbyists run the EPA and Department of Interior, and his administration has attempted to roll back more than 100 crucial safeguards for our air, water and health. There is simply no way that Trump’s second term will be any different for our environment – continuing to put our planet and health at risk.”

EDF Action put together a guide for fact-checking President Trump’s statements about the environment and his administration’s record. It includes some of his most common false claims with correct information and sources. Click here to view the report.

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