Senate Must Pass Election Preparedness Funding

Funding Would Honor John Lewis’ Lifelong Fight for Voting Rights

July 22, 2020
Hannah Blatt,, 202-572-3534

(Washington, D.C., July 22, 2020) Congressman John Lewis dedicated his life to fighting against voter suppression and advocating for expanded access to the polls. In honor of Congressman Lewis’ memory, EDF Action is calling on the Senate to eliminate the threat of COVID-19 on our electoral system by including critical funding in the next relief package to ensure that all 50 states have the resources they need to conduct free and fair elections.

Every citizen must be able to cast a ballot – and have confidence that it will be counted. The House of Representatives has already recognized this need, passing $3.6 billion in funding for states to conduct safe and secure elections in November. It is time for the Senate to follow suit in its next COVID-19 stimulus package.

This comprehensive funding would be an important step in honoring Congressman John Lewis and his lifelong fight to secure and protect every citizen’s right to vote, and would ensure that even in a pandemic we all have the ability to fulfill this civic duty. In turn, this would allow voters the ability to cast a ballot for the person they believe will stand up for their community.

Climate change is affecting states from coast to coast and Americans are worried about its impacts on their families. In fact, a majority of voters care deeply about this issue. Climate progress depends on free and fair elections where all citizens can use their voices and vote for their priorities at the ballot box.

“We know that the future of our climate is on the ballot this November. Advocates like Congressman John Lewis knew that if we want to make real and meaningful progress on our issues and many others, we must make sure that everyone has access to the polls. Every voice in our democracy is important, but especially this year during an ongoing public health crisis. Without jeopardizing health and safety, we need to make sure that all eligible voters are able to cast their ballots and that those votes are counted,” said EDF Action President Joe Bonfiglio.

“Congressman John Lewis knew that voting is at the heart of our democracy, and that’s why he put his life on the line to fight voter suppression. Now we must honor his legacy by taking real and meaningful action to protect that right. It’s Congress’ job to ensure that our states have the resources they need to make our elections safe and secure. That’s why we’re calling on the Senate to include funding for our election system in the next coronavirus stimulus package,” said EDF Action Senior Vice President, Political Affairs Elizabeth Gore.