Poll conducted for EDF Action Shows Overwhelming Support for Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick

February 19, 2020
Hannah Blatt, hblatt@edfaction.org, 202-572-3534

(Bucks County, Pennsylvania – February 19, 2020) New polling conducted for EDF Action by Republican pollster WPA Intelligence shows that Representative Brian Fitzpatrick (PA-01) is in a strong position heading into the April primary and beyond. The poll shows that an overwhelming majority of Republican primary voters (72%) have a favorable impression of Representative Fitzpatrick and emphasizes that his policy priorities are in-line with the moderate district. Read full polling memo here.

“This polling makes it clear that Brian Fitzpatrick has earned broad support from Bucks County voters,” said Joe Bonfiglio, President of EDF Action. “Voters like the job Representative Fitzpatrick is doing in Congress. His record of protecting Pennsylvania’s natural resources and fighting Washington special interests fits this district like a glove.”

“It is hard to do what Brian Fitzpatrick has accomplished in this Bucks County district: building up strong name ID and overwhelming approval from voters. He’s clearly put in the work here, and will be well-positioned in 2020,” said Conor Maguire, Pollster for WPA Intelligence.

Rep. Fitzpatrick has a strong record of success in Congress, earning the support of EDF Action and other public advocates for his work on a range of issues including bipartisan legislation that combats climate change through market-based solutions, which will strengthen investment in infrastructure.

Read full polling memo here.

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