New Television Ad Praises Sen. Gary Peters for Protecting Health of Michigan Families

April 28, 2020
Hannah Blatt,, 202-572-3534

(Detroit, MI - April 28,2020) — Environmental groups are launching a new television ad in support of Michigan Senator Gary Peters’ re-election because of his work protecting residents from toxic “forever” chemicals. NRDC Action Votes, LCV Victory Fund, and EDF Action Votes are spending a total of $1 million on the TV ad.

The ad, “Diagnosed,” will run on broadcast and cable across Michigan, and tells the story of Cathy, a cancer survivor whose illness may be linked to toxic PFAS contamination in the water near Wurtsmith Air Force Base. Senator Peters wrote provisions to address Michigan’s PFAS crisis into the 2020 national defense spending bill that was then signed into law in December of last year. PFAS contamination is particularly widespread in Michigan and is linked to cancer, developmental issues, and other harmful health effects.

WATCH: “Diagnosed”

“Given the health risks each of us face right now, we need leaders in Washington who respect science and work to protect us. Senator Gary Peters has demonstrated a commitment to fighting for our health and to taking on polluters,” said Jossie Steinberg, director of NRDC Action Votes. “We are stepping in to support Gary Peters because he has shown that he will do what’s right for every resident of Michigan.”

“Senator Gary Peters has a perfect 100% LCV score because he fights for the health and well-being of Michigan families day in and day out — we desperately need his voice in Washington for six more years,” said Megan Jacobs, National Campaigns Director, LCV Victory Fund. “Michigan deserves a leader who will continue to stand up to corporate polluters and protect clean, safe drinking water for every community.”

“Gary Peters puts Michigan families first – fighting for their health in this difficult time, and championing clean air and water,” said EDF Action President Joe Bonfiglio. “It’s important that Michiganders know about Senator Peters’ long record standing up for science, protecting their water from toxic chemicals and fighting for the health of all of our families.”

A script of the ad is below.


I was diagnosed with cancer and arthritis at the age of 28

When we learned about the PFAS contamination in the water we suspected there was a link

And a lot of people were having similar problems

For decades, no one was doing anything about it

That’s why I’m so grateful for Senator Gary Peters. He’s fighting to get these contaminated areas cleaned up and making sure this never happens again

What he’s doing makes a difference

We need him to continue the fight

Note: The ad will be run by either NRDC Action Votes, LCV Victory Fund, or EDF Action Votes depending on the media market.

LCV Victory Fund , and EDF Action Votes,, and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.