New Poll: Americans Strongly Support Biden’s Whole of Government Approach to Climate Action

Strong political support for policies that reduce emissions, invest in green infrastructure & encourage sustainable use of resources

January 27, 2021
Hannah Blatt,, 202-572-3534

(Washington, D.C., January 27, 2021) Today, EDF Action released a national poll that shows strong public support for federal agencies to focus on climate change solutions. Respondents were asked about priorities for the Departments of Transportation, Agriculture, Interior and Energy as well as the Environmental Protection Agency. For all these agencies and their specific policies, there is wide support for action across demographics – including overwhelming youth support, which never dips below 70%.

President Biden has signaled he will take a whole government approach to the climate crisis. These findings suggest there is strong public support for the administration’s multi-department strategy.

Key Findings:

Department of Transportation:

  • 73% of Independents and 61% of Republican voters say it’s important to update infrastructure to reduce pollution
  • 71% of Independents and 61% of Republican voters support creating more access to good jobs by building infrastructure
  • 59% of Republican voters say it’s important that all new infrastructure built is environmentally friendly
  • 66% of voters say it’s important to incentivize the production of electric trucks, buses and cars

Environmental Protection Agency:

  • A bipartisan majority of Republican and Democratic voters support adopting pollution limits from power plants, tailpipes and oil and gas development
  • Three in five Republican voters support the agency restoring a strong commitment to science

Department of Energy:

  • Bipartisan majorities say it’s important for this department to help develop energy-efficient buildings, appliances and renewable energy

Department of the Interior:

  • Bipartisan majorities, including 78% of Republican voters, believe it’s important to ensure clean and affordable water supplies
  • 80% of voters want all people to have a voice in land use and infrastructure decisions.

Department of Agriculture:

  • 78% of voters, including 66% of Republicans say it’s important for the agency to provide new market opportunities to farmers that reward positive environmental contributions.
  • Three in five of Republican voters say it’s important to end discrimination in USDA programs as well as other discriminatory barriers in the farming system.

Explore the polling memo here.

“All across the political spectrum, voters overwhelmingly support federal agencies that make combating climate change and a healthier environment a priority. President Biden has made it clear that he wants every agency in government to focus on the climate crisis – and the public is with him on this approach,” said EDF Action Senior Vice President of Political Affairs Elizabeth Gore. “Voters recognize that it’s not just the traditional ‘environmental’ agencies that can contribute to climate solutions. They want the Biden administration to enact common sense policies that create healthier communities by cutting climate pollution, cleaning up our air and water while investing in our economy from infrastructure to energy to agriculture.”