New EDF Action Ad: Weeks After Being Installed in Senate, McSally Votes to Install Coal Lobbyist at EPA

Senator votes to confirm Andrew Wheeler, a former coal lobbyist, with a record of attacking limits on pollution

March 5, 2019
Keith Gaby,, (703) 625-8218

Following Senator Martha McSally’s decision to vote in favor of installing former coal industry lobbyist Andrew Wheeler to head the Environmental Protection Agency, EDF Action launched an ad criticizing the senator for endorsing Wheeler’s agenda, which threatens clean air safeguards. Recently appointed to the US Senate, the vote appears to put McSally on the record as endorsing Wheeler’s decisions to attack safeguards against toxic mercury, acid gases, and carbon pollution.

“Senator McSally sided with the polluters who used to be Andrew Wheeler’s lobbying clients. She seems okay with the idea that a lobbyist for a polluting industry – who advocates for undermining clean air rules – should run the agency entrusted to protect our environment,” said Joe Bonfiglio, president of EDF Action. “Wheeler has made his view clear – he would allow big companies to pollute more – and now McSally has made clear she’s on his side. The result will be more asthma attacks, more heart problems, and more unhealthy pollution. I hope people in Arizona contact Senator McSally and let her know this vote is wrong for their family’s health.”

President Donald Trump nominated Wheeler to run EPA after former administrator Scott Pruitt resigned under a cloud of scandal. Wheeler had served as Pruitt’s top deputy and took over the agency as acting administrator eight months ago.

The ad, which can be seen here, will run in Phoenix and Tucson starting this week.