In this a Must Win Battleground, Climate Takes Center Stage

September 15, 2020
Hannah Blatt,, 202-572-3534

(Tampa, FL - September 15, 2020) Today, as Joe Biden heads down to Florida, EDF Action highlights the stark contrast between Donald Trump’s anti-environmental record and Joe Biden’s bold plan to tackle the climate crisis head on.

EDF Action President Joe Bonfiglio issued the following statement:

“With the historic fires burning up and down the West Coast and extreme weather events occurring all across the country, we can’t afford to waste another minute with a president who denies climate change and deliberately delays progress. Yet, that is exactly what Donald Trump and his administration have done for the past four years. After all, Trump reminded us yesterday that he denies climate change by suggesting, again, that the science is unclear and offering a new theory that trees randomly explode.

“It’s clear that the Trump agenda isn’t working for Floridians and their strong concerns over the climate crisis. After all, if the President is suggesting that trees spontaneously explode, what are the chances he will help a state that is dealing with climate impacts – frequent flooding, stronger hurricanes and red tide – right now? Joe Biden understands this, and that’s why he laid out a vision for our country – one that has America once again taking a leadership role in the global fight to tackle the climate crisis and investing in good paying clean energy jobs that will make our economy and country more resilient.”

EDF Action put together this guide for fact-checking President Trump’s statements about the environment and his administration’s real record putting polluters first. It includes some of his most common false claims with correct information and sources. Click here to view the report.

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