Louisiana: Congress Must Pass the Build Back Better Act

EDF Action Statement from Steve Cochran, Associate Vice President, State Affairs

December 21, 2021
Ben Schneider, bschneider@edf.org, (202) 572-3279

(NEW ORLEANS, LA – Dec. 21, 2021) “The Build Back Better Act is vitally important for our economy, the stability of our electric grid, and our children’s future. It will reduce pollution, lower costs for Louisiana families and create good jobs. It is also the most ambitious climate and environmental justice action in American history. All of this makes it essential that the Senate pass this legislation.

“We are in a race not only to limit the dangerous impacts of climate change, but to build an economy that will make America stronger. And as Louisiana learned from Delta, Laura and Ida, we need much more reliable power systems. We need the investments in the Build Back Better Act if we want to win the competition with Europe and China for the jobs of the future, reduce asthma and other impacts from pollution, create more reliable power systems and stabilize our climate.

“By turning the climate crisis into an opportunity, the Build Back Better Act is a fiscally responsible investment in our future. Independent analysts like Moody’s have said the Build Back Better Act will ease long term inflation. It is the most fiscally responsible major legislation to come before Congress in recent years, because it acknowledges and acts on the future we face.

“We will continue to fight for passage of the Build Back Better Act. For Louisiana families who need relief and demand a better future for their children, we must get this done.”

  • Steve Cochran, Associate Vice President, State Affairs