EDF Action Votes Congratulates New Mexico State Reps. Herrera, Romero and Ortez on their primary victories

EDF Action Votes spent five figures supporting pro-conservation candidates in primaries

June 8, 2022
Matthew Tresaugue, mtresaugue@edfaction.org, (713) 392-7888

(Washington, D.C. – June 8, 2022) EDF Action congratulates New Mexico State Representative Susan Herrera (HD-41), State Representative Andrea Romero (HD-46), and State Representative Kristina Ortez (HD-42) on their primary victories Tuesday.

“We are thrilled with the primary victories of Susan Herrera, Andrea Romero and Kristina Ortez,” EDF Action President David Kieve said. “Their victories will enable them to continue to be champions of the environment and advocates for the constituents they serve and every New Mexican.”

EDF Action Votes was also pleased to support Anita Amalia Gonzales, a challenger who ran a strong race and narrowly lost.

“These strong results continue to demonstrate that being a champion on conservation resonates with voters,” Kieve said. “They add a further proof point that being an effective climate leader isn’t just what science and this moment demand, but it is also a winning political issue.”

EDF Action Votes’ integrated campaign incorporated effective messaging with a total expenditure of $80,000.

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