EDF Action launches Six-Figure Ad Campaign Supporting President Biden’s Efforts to Invest in Climate & Clean Energy

Congress must act quickly to invest in America, create clean energy jobs

March 7, 2022
Hannah Blatt, hblatt@edfaction.org, 202-572-3534

(Washington, D.C. - March 7, 2022) The week EDF Action, the advocacy partner of the Environmental Defense Fund, is launching a new paid and digital media campaign to amplify President Biden’s call in his State of the Union Address for Congress to pass his climate and environmental justice priorities so that he can sign them into law. The campaign kicked off yesterday with a print ad in the President’s hometown paper, the Wilmington News Journal and will layer on a digital ad campaign in the D.C. market alongside other tactics.

All the creative will highlight the climate elements of President Biden’s address to the nation in his first State of the Union to show the urgency of tackling this challenge head on, and the video ad will showcase the benefits of these investments for the American people. As the President said last Tuesday night: “So what are we waiting for? Let’s get this done.”

This new campaign compliments and adds to the $8 million ad campaign that EDF and EDF Action have spent in support for passage of the President’s climate agenda since late-June 2021.

“The President made it clear at the State of the Union that the time is now for Congress to act on bold solutions that strengthen our economy, create good paying jobs, put the U.S. on track to be energy independent – all by investing in clean energy and climate provisions. These are investments in our country, our communities, our families, and our future that will significantly reduce costs for American families. EDF Action is committed to helping get this climate package over the finish line and signed into law. This new campaign is part of our broader strategy to help that effort,” said EDF Action President David Kieve.