EDF Action Launches Radio Ad Informing Colorado Constituents About Gardner’s Anti-Environmental Record

October 29, 2019
Hannah Blatt, hblatt@edfaction.org, 202-572-3534

(Denver, Colorado- October 29, 2019) EDF Action launched a radio ad holding Senator Cory Gardner accountable for his anti-environmental voting record. The ad highlights how Senator Gardner stands with President Trump and his anti-environmental agenda by voting with him almost 90% of the time overall — hurting Colorado’s clean air and water.

The radio ad, CO Biggest Threat, will begin running in the Denver and Colorado Springs media market, with a total buy of approximately $54,000.

“Senator Gardner’s voting record makes it crystal clear who’s side he’s on – Donald Trump and his anti-environmental administration,” said EDF Action President Joe Bonfiglio. “Every step of the way, Senator Gardner defends Trump’s record of gutting critical health and environmental protections, which puts Colorado’s health, air and water at risk. That’s why we’re working to inform his constituents, so they can call Senator Gardner and tell him to protect Colorado’s air and water.”