EDF Action Congratulates Representatives Rusty Bowers and Michelle Udall on Election Night

EDF Action Spent Nearly $45,000 to Support the Re-Election of Representatives Bowers and Udall

November 7, 2018
Keith Gaby, kgaby@edfaction.org, (703) 625-8218


EDF Action congratulates Arizona State Representatives Rusty Bowers and Michelle Udall on their victories today. EDF Action spent nearly $45,000 to support Bowers and Udall in their election.

“Both Rusty Bowers and Michelle Udall understand the role of thoughtful, balanced water conservation policy in securing a robust future for Arizona,” said Joe Bonfiglio, President of EDF Action. “EDF Action is proud to have played a role in helping re-elect Rep. Bowers and Rep. Udall to the Arizona State House. We look forward to working with Representatives Bowers and Udall and all our leaders to build a stronger, more prosperous Arizona.”

In total, EDF Action spent nearly $9 million in over 30 races and in pivotal battleground states, supporting pro-environment candidates on both sides of the aisle, in federal, state, and local races.