EDF Action Applauds Rep. Underwood’s Push to Restore Critical CDC Climate and Health Program

Program Funds State Initiatives to Prepare for Significant Health Impacts Cause by Climate Change

July 18, 2019
Hannah Blatt, hblatt@edfaction.org, 202-572-3534

(WASHINGTON, DC – Wednesday July 17, 2019) —Today, EDF Action applauded Representative Lauren Underwood (D-IL) for the introduction of legislation to reinstitute the Climate and Health Program within the Center for Disease Control (CDC). The program was created to direct funding to states to help prepare for the significant health impacts associated with climate change, such as increased prevalence of asthma and other respiratory conditions.  The Trump Administration folded the Climate and Health Program into another unit of the CDC, thus weakening its mission.  Representative Underwood’s bill would reestablish it as a standalone program and authorize annual funding. States have used these resources to plan for severe storms, droughts, extreme weather events and increased health hazards related to greenhouse gas emissions.

“As we continue to experience the health impacts associated with climate change, our communities need to find ways to be resilient in the face of these persistent dangers,” said Elizabeth Gore, EDF Action Senior Vice President, Political Affairs. “The Climate and Health Program within the CDC was an important tool to help communities find options to address the health risks posed by unchecked greenhouse gas emissions; we need to recreate that important effort to help our kids and our communities. While it is imperative that we begin searching for long term solutions for the climate crisis, additional resources to meet today’s needs are absolutely critical. We greatly appreciate Representative Underwood’s efforts to support the communities feeling the sting of climate change most directly.”