Debate Tonight: Cory Gardner Will Attempt to Sell a False Record on the Environment

October 2, 2020
Hannah Blatt,, 202-572-3534

(Denver, CO – October 2, 2020) Tonight is the first debate between Senator Cory Gardner and former Governor John Hickenlooper, and represents a major opportunity for voters to hear from both the candidates about the issues that are important to Coloradans.

EDF Action President Joe Bonfiglio released the following statement:

“We already know that Cory Gardner is going to spend tonight’s debate trying to sound like an independent voice in Washington, but his record speaks for itself. Gardner has racked up an extensive and egregious anti-environmental voting record – putting industry lobbyists in charge of government agencies and falling in-line with Donald Trump and his pro-polluter agenda. Coloradoans can’t afford another six years of Gardner palling up to the big polluters, and putting their air, water and health at risk.”

Debate Resource:

· Gardner voted for the confirmation of lobbyist Andrew Wheeler as head of the EPA

· Gardner voted for the confirmation of lobbyist David Bernhardt as head of the Department of Interior

· Gardner voted to roll back the Clean Power Plan

· Gardner voted to roll back protections on harmful methane pollution

· Gardner has refused to stand-up as the Trump administration dismantled a slew of crucial public health and environmental safeguards and voting with the president 90% of the time.

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