Cory Gardner Tries to Distract Voters from Anti-Environmental Record

June 4, 2020
Hannah Blatt,, 202-572-3534

(Denver, CO – June 4, 2020) Cory Gardner put out a new ad claiming a commitment to public lands – glossing over the fact, that during his six years in Washington, he’s had a disastrous environmental record. The highlights include voting for an oil and gas lobbyist to head the Department of Interior, and standing with Donald Trump as he worked to dismantle clean air and water protections. EDF Action President Joe Bonfiglio put out the following statement:

“Senator Gardner’s political ads are always pro-environment, but his voting record rarely is. Six years ago, Gardner ran ads with pictures of wind turbines and claimed to support clean energy, but then racked up a lengthy anti-environmental voting record, and an overall pro-Trump voting score of almost 90%. He voted to put big polluter lobbyists in charge of the EPA and Department of Interior, opposed critical clean air and water protections, and refused to stand-up as the Trump Administration dismantled crucial public health and environmental safeguards. It’s clear that Gardner cares more about his political image than protecting Colorado’s air and water.”

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