Biden Climate Plan is Bold, Ambitious and Smart

EDF Action statement from Elizabeth Gore, Senior Vice President, Political Affairs

July 14, 2020
Keith Gaby,, (703) 625-8218

“Climate change is a growing threat to our economy, our health, and our kids’ future. Joe Biden’s new plan is bold, ambitious, and smart – it’s the kind of big thinking we need to protect the country from the worst impacts of climate change. With major investments in clean transportation and buildings – and an ambitious target to move America to clean power – the Biden plan would be a huge win for this nation. It will catalyze massive increases in manufacturing and infrastructure for cleaner vehicles that will create jobs, cut pollution, protect communities and spark U.S. clean technology innovation.

“Biden’s plan will create the jobs America desperately needs, putting people to work building a clean and healthy future. Joe Biden understands that we need to rebuild a better, stronger, healthier economy – and that it’s long past time to deal with the threat of climate change. From Midwestern floods to stronger Gulf coast hurricanes to searing heat waves in Texas and Arizona, the nation needs leadership to help us solve the climate crisis and move to a 100% clean economy.

“Vice President Biden is right ‘that environmental policy decisions of the past have failed communities of color,’ and his emphasis on addressing those injustices is a critical part of this plan. For too long Black, Latino, as well as low-income neighborhoods have suffered far more than their fair share of pollution and other environmental impacts, with devastating results on the health of the people living there.

“The Biden Plan couldn’t be more of a stark contrast to four years of failure by the Trump administration. They have weakened limits on climate pollution, undermined scientists, and surrendered international leadership. America can’t afford another four years of a president who claims climate change is a hoax instead of providing leadership.

“We look forward to working with the Congress and a new administration to finally take real action on climate change.”

  • Elizabeth Gore, Senior Vice President, Political Affairs