Announcing Green Wave 2020: Joint Electoral Effort of Major Environmental Organizations Prioritizes Races in Colorado

EDF Action, LCV, NRDC Action Fund, NWF Action Fund & Sierra Club Join Forces to Mobilize Members in Support of Environmental Champions for Congress and the White House

October 9, 2020

(Aurora, CO—October, 9, 2020) A coalition of five of the nation’s leading environmental organizations announce the launch of Green Wave 2020. Green Wave 2020 is a joint project of EDF Action, LCV, NRDC Action Fund, NWF Action Fund and Sierra Club to mobilize each groups’ members to help elect environmental champions to the White House and Congress in November.

The Green Wave 2020 organizations have worked together to prioritize over 30 federal races across 15 states where the targeted candidate has a strong environmental track record or platform, and is often running against a candidate who denies the scientific reality of climate change. In coordination with individual campaigns, organizers will work to mobilize the groups’ members to volunteer on the elections and help the environmental community build a Green Wave that is big and strong enough to turn the tide in Washington D.C.

In Colorado the groups are working in coordination with the Biden, Hickenlooper (Senate), Crow (CO-06), and Mitsch Bush (CO-03) campaigns.

To tackle the unprecedented challenges created by the COVID 19 pandemic, Green Wave organizers will provide remote phone- and text-banking opportunities for members, as well as use other online tools to engage members and supporters. Where the candidates’ campaigns emphasize early voting and/or mail-in voting, Green Wave 2020 volunteers will be promoting those efforts.

“Climate change poses an existential threat to our way of life. In Colorado, wildfires are threatening our communities, while wildfires in California have left burn scars so severe that NASA says are visible from space. The climate crisis is real and Congress must act. I’m proud that in my first term, I’ve helped move forward solutions that address climate change, protect our public lands, and ensure clean water and air for our generations to come. I am proud to be in this fight with all the Green Wave 2020 groups. Together, we can ensure this Green Wave makes it all the way to Washington.”

Congressman Jason Crow

“In Colorado our environment is our way of life — beautiful rivers, awesome mountains, and I know that who represents us in Washington D.C. matters. I want leaders who will fight to protect our air and water and special landscapes and who will fight against the polluters and the damage they are doing. That’s why I’m volunteering with EDF Action as part of Green Wave 2020.”

Kaytee Dobbs, Green Wave volunteer and EDF Action member


Paid for by Environmental Defense Action Fund PAC and authorized by Jason Crow for Congress.