Green Team

Green Team is a partnership of EDF Action and NRDC Action Fund to push for bold solution to climate change

EDF Action and NRDC Action Fund members are taking climate action in key congressional districts across the country. These members are attending rallies and events, supporting climate strikers, taking to social media and writing letters all in support of comprehensive climate action.

Green Team

The work they’re doing is incredible! EDF Action members are building the grassroots support we need for moving the U.S. economy to a 100 percent clean future. What is 100 percent clean? It’s about transforming the entire economy, from the utility and energy sectors, to transportation and agriculture sectors, which is what the experts say is necessary to avert the worst impacts of climate change and protect our planet for generations to come.

And thanks to Green Team, we’re building the momentum we need to take serious climate action!

Right now, the Green Team program is in Colorado, Illinois, Michigan and Nevada, and if you live in one of these states you can sign up to participate.

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