Email your elected officials

It's easy and effective.

Nearly 9 of 10 of Congressional staffers say that a personal email from a constituent can influence how undecided representatives choose to vote.

1. Be personal

In Congressional offices, one personal note counts the same as 100 identical form messages. If you want your advocacy to pack a punch, make the message your own.

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  • Show your community connections. Do you have a leadership positions in your community? Do you belong to local groups or organizations? Sharing this information sets you apart as a thought leader and influential who can help sway fellow voters.
  • Outline local impacts. How will this legislation affect your community? A local statistic can convince your Congressman that this is an issue to take seriously.
  • Do you have a story? Think about your own life — why do you care about this issue and what moved you to write? Do you have family members affected by the issue? Think about the kinds of stories politicians include in speeches, and give them one if you can.

2. Be polite

These issues are deeply personal, so it is easy to get impassioned, which is good! But maintain a respectful tone — no name-calling, and no vulgarity. Offices have systems in place for anything that comes across as threatening — and the true intention behind your message will be dismissed and ignored.

3. Be informed

The person reading your message can't know the details of every bill, so the more you include the easier their job is. If you can, include the name of the bill, the bill number, and the goal of the legislation. You can check your Member’s web site for their position on the issue, and address it in your message. The more informed you look, the more seriously they’ll take your concerns.

4. Be registered

Your opinion matters because you help decide whether your representative is hired or fired. Don’t give them a reason to dismiss your opinion — register to vote today.

Now that you know how to write a powerful message, you're ready to choose an issue and take action.

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