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“Friend” tells voters how Sen. Pat Toomey has voted numerous times to protect nearly $24 billion in tax breaks for Big Oil polluters, while receiving over $700,000 in campaign contributions from them.

A similar ad ‘Across’ ran to complement ‘Friend’. 


“Across” details Sen. Pat Toomey’s advocacy for the rich and powerful through his defense of billions in tax breaks for Big Oil polluters, while they have supported him with over $700,000 in campaign contributions.

A similar ad ‘Friend’ complemented this ad. 


“Hermosa” es la historia del congresista Carlos Curbelo (FL-26) y su apoyo de actividades a ayudar el medio ambiente, incluyendo trabajo para proteger los Everglades y nuestras costas.

An English-language ad Beautiful ran to complement this ad.


“Beautiful” highlights for voters Congressman Carlos Curbelo’s (FL-26) support for a range of environmental issues, from chemical safety, to Everglades and coastal protection.

A Spanish-language ad ‘Hermosa’ ran to complement this ad.


“Nevadans face a big choice on solar power,” reads the voiceover for ‘Choice.’ “Move forward. Or fall back? Washington politician Joe Heck voted against Nevada solar. Catherine Cortez Masto fights for Nevada solar. For good-paying jobs and cheaper power. Catherine Cortez Masto fights for us.”

Ads entitled ‘Denial’ and ‘Personal’ ran to complement ‘Choice’ . 


“El 97% de los científicos les preocupa el cambio climático. Pero como Trump, Joe Heck niega esa realidad,” reads the voiceover for ‘Denial.’ “Como Trump, Heck derogaría las leyes de aire limpio, permitiendo la contaminación de carbon ilimitada. Y como Trump, Heck les daría miles de millones en recortes de impuestos a las grandes petroleras, para proteger los bolsillos de empresarios contaminadores. Joe Heck y Donald Trump: Políticas peligrosas para Nevada.”

Ads entitled ‘Choice’ and ‘Personal’ ran to complement ‘Denial’. 


“You’ve heard plenty about Joe Heck and the tax breaks he’s voted for, for oil companies,” reads the voiceover for ‘Personal.’ “And the millions the oil billionaire Koch Brothers have spent to elect him. Bad enough. But Heck voted time and time again to limit Nevada solar, risking jobs and higher rates. For Nevada families, it’s personal. Catherine Cortez Masto will expand clean energy solar jobs. Catherine Cortez Masto will fight for Nevada families.”

Ads entitled ‘Choice’ and ‘Denial’ ran to complement ‘Personal’.